Youth Sports Names on Uniforms - Order Form

Youth Sports Names on Uniforms - Order Form

Downloadable Order Form

Welcome youth coaches and team parents! We here at Infinity Printing and Promotions are excited to get underway with another season of putting names on hats and uniforms, guaranteeing that you always know "Who's on first!"

Due to the high volume we've received in recent years, we've been training hard this offseason to ensure that we can provide our coaches and team parents with the fastest possible turn around times.

Please bring the form with the typed/handwritten names and numbers, along with the jerseys, to the SPORTS Parking Lot at 7PM any evening to drop off. We will be in a van or SUV with the back hatch open.

We will be at the Mudsock Youth Athletics Parking Lot located at 12690 Promise Road nightly from 7:00-7:15PM beginning on Thursday, April 14th, until Friday, April 22nd. We will also be at the Olio Fields nightly from 7:00-7:15PM beginning on Monday, April 11th until Friday, April 15th. Please call if you need to meet us or drop off outside of those hours and dates or at another location.

Typical turn time is 24 - 48 hours for names on uniforms and for name and number on hats but turn time can be extended if more than 25 teams drop off on the same day which is rare.